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THE POINT OF DEVELOPMENT: Shrinking Spaces for Lumad vis-a-vis Mining Projects

by Glenis Teresa C. Balangue The book—authored by Glenis Teresa C. Balangue—aims to answer the problem: What are the impacts of large-scale mining (LSM) on the rights of indigenous people in Mindanao, collectively called Lumad? It analyzes the impacts of LSM on the rights of the Lumad in order to support the campaign on combating structural discrimination, human rights violations and impunity.

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Paghabi ng Salinlahi: The Art of Hinabol Weaving

For the Lumad community of the Higaonon up in Barangay Manalog, Bukidnon, Hinabol weaving is an artful tradition and a source of livelihood for their families. As the indigenous craft originated in their community, the skill of Hinabol weaving has been passed down from through generations of women. The men, in turn, are responsible in providing the raw materials used for the craft. >>

Weaving Our Tradition with Commercialization: The Art of Traditional Hinabol Weaving and its Adaptability with the Market’s Demand

The art of weaving of the Lumads holds a vital role in the understanding of their culture, tradition and identity. With the graceful intertwining of the weft into each warp, colors and patterns visually represent the richness of the indigenous peoples’ art. Known to have surpassed and adapted diverse cultures from the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the world, the Filipino indigenous art remains reflective of our ancestors’ authentic creations. >>

Guardians of the Mountains (Last of two parts)

As they progressed as a tribe, they gradually rid themselves of what I thought were old superstitious practices. See, Tatay Danny narrated the process of proving one’s innocence or guilt through their traditional justice system. >>

Guardians of the Mountains (First of two parts)

I often wondered what lay in the womb of the great unsung mountains of Bukidnon. Whenever I sat on a bus as I traveled to the small town of Malaybalay City, my thoughts would always wander far into the sea of trees that surrounded the thin layer of cement the bus journeyed on. There would be some parts of the journey where we’d pass by long stretches of farmlands, forests, and meadows filled with cows, goats, and sometimes, horses too. >>

Araw at Linggo: Pineapple Plantations and the Agricultural Workers of Bukidnon

Bukidnon is well-known for its vast tracks of pineapple plantations that stretch for thousands of hectares. Located up north of the province, in the municipality of Manolo Fortich, the first pineapple plantation of Del Monte Pacific Ltd still continues to operate, decades after the Americans established their base there, putting up a ‘little America’ in the heart of northern Mindanao. But while the little town soon bustled with production and the pineapples became the pride of export enthusiasts, the stories of the workers--many of them Lumad--remained untold. >>